Bill Geroulis, the most successful and licensed Real Estate Agent had a Diploma in Business majoring in Real Estate Management is engaged in Commercial Sales and Leasing.

Bill Geroulis can provide you the details of property before the purchase

Are you going to purchase a property? Are you unaware of the flaws and pitfalls of the policies in the property deals? Is there anyone to help you in this regard? No one is there? Okay, don’t worry. Bill is here to help you in this regard. There are various parts of a real estate market. It is not possible for the common people to know every aspects of this field. So before purchasing or selling a property an expert in this field can only help you out.  
Bill Geroulis is the licensed Real Estate agent. With the Business management Diploma, Bill has majored in Real Estate Management. In 1996 he joined Sheads Property and in 2002 he became the Principal. With as long as 17 years of experience in the Real Estate market, he has 12 years of experience in the Commercial Sales and Leasing. He has a strong relation with his clients, local businesses and property owners. Apart from being an expert in this field, Bill has an interest in playing fishing games, motor sports or social games like golf.

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